Friday, February 25, 2011

The Doozy Award

I have been a moderator at Jill Stanek's for almost 3 years. Always an education when I jump on a thread and have a conversation. I have read so many comments from pro aborts about my abortion story but the following would have to take the cake so far!! My answers are in bold.

So Carla has had an abortion, or was she just saying that to prove a point? Because if so, what makes you think that you are so special that YOU deserve to get an abortion while all other women with unwanted pregnancies don’t deserve one? Your sense of entitlement is shocking.

My abortion was the most horrifying experience of my life. We are not talking about a trip to Disney World for goodness sakes!

Shocking? LOL

Oh and my daughter who died in my abortion? She deserved to live.

Carla, thank you for sharing your story. I watched the video of you at Faith Community Church on your blog. I think it is very sad that you got an abortion when that wasn’t the right choice for you. That being said, what is right for you is not right for everyone. And you know yourself better than you know anyone else, so if you made the wrong choice for yourself, how can you expect that you would make the right choice for other people? No one forced you to choose abortion, and I am sorry if you regret it, but you chose it and other women have that same right of choice. Just because abortion was the wrong choice for you, doesn’t mean it is the wrong choice for everyone.

Thank you for watching my story. It means a lot to me that you did!!

And I have to ask you again how in the world I would know that abortion was WRONG for me(in addition to how wrong it was for my baby girl)until I went through with it? There was no one in my life telling me anything different. The mill certainly wasn’t interested in showing me the truth and I was in crisis. If I had known then(20 years ago)what I know now…………..

Do you always know how things will turn out before you do them?

In my case you must not have been paying very close attention. I never had a pregnancy test or an ultrasound. I was lied to by omission when told IT was just a bunch of cells. I was 10 weeks along!!! Later on I miscarried my 2nd child into my hand and saw a tiny fully formed human baby! Not a bunch of red circles.

Google fetal development at 10 weeks. Go on. I know you want to.

Stare at that image awhile. Feast your eyes.

Here I’ll help.

How is it choice when women aren’t given informed consent, are pressured by those around them to abort, coerced by lies, forced by boyfriends or abandoned to “do whatever you think is right for you?”

It’s not. It is not choice when one is left with no choice.

Abortion was more than “the wrong choice” for me.(I made a wrong choice today to leave my mittens at home.) One more time. I was pregnant when I walked into that mill. My daughter’s tiny body was suctioned through a vacuum tube and put in a bottle to be pieced back together. She died that day. I left her there. I walked out a very wounded woman and still a mother.

Why in the world would I NOT tell others that abortion hurts women? Abortion kills children. Abortion will never solve, help, heal or empower.

Oh and just food for thought here when speaking or writing and you say I’m sorry BUT….it cancels out the I’m sorry.

If you have had an abortion and are struggling or know of someone who is please get in touch with me. My deepest pain has become my greatest passion.

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