Thursday, November 29, 2012

Out There

I have been out sidewalk counseling at the nation's 3rd largest abortion mill in St. Paul, MN.  I do not enjoy going.  But I do because I feel called to do it.  To be there. To stand and offer to women what I wanted 22 years ago before my abortion.
We get a lot of thumbs up and honks and waves of encouragement.  A trucker rolled down his window today and yelled, "Good for you! Give em hell!"  Will do.
But there is also the middle fingers, the swearing, the yelling.  One woman today flipped me off and was yelling obscenities with her windows rolled up.  If that doesn't speak to post abortive rage I don't know what does.  I smiled and waved.
A young woman pulled in the driveway and she hesitated as I held out the pamphlets.  She went in with her friend even though I asked her to come talk to me.  They came out soon after.  I smiled and waved.
There were no PP escorts out there at all today.  I really wanted to talk to some. I wanted to chat.
A staff meeting must have been going on because all of the others that drove in were employees. I smiled and waved.

This is my new gig.  My newest antics in the prolife movement.  It seems fruitless at times but I may never know what my sign means to someone else.