Saturday, November 30, 2013

In Loving Memory

This is my friend Kelly Peterson.  She passed away on October 9th of this year.  She fought cancer valiantly.
Kelly was very special to me for so many reasons.  When I met Kelly she told me about her 2 abortions and I felt a great respect and admiration for her.  She attended my church and I was no longer alone!! She was one of the first in my church family to be honest about her experience.  We spoke together at UW-Madison with Operation Outcry. She stood with me and our I Regret My Abortion signs when Obama came to St. Paul.  We shared our abortion stories because we believed that maybe others would NOT make the same devastating choice.
Kelly will always be with me.  Her strength and faith are such an inspiration. She has passed the torch to me in the prolife movement. Praying I can fight the good fight.  Just as she did!!

I love you and miss you Kelly.