Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I stood with 5 other women last night at the rally for Obama. We were right in the thick of it with our signs that said I Regret My Abortion. I am still amazed that I did that! It was exciting and horrifying at the same time. I was proud to stand for the unborn, stand for life and stand with my sisters. I was horrified at some of the reactions of people. One mom came up with her two daughters and started in. Yelling, swearing, pointing her finger in our faces. She said, "My daughter just had an abortion and it's the best thing she has ever done!" The daughter who had not had an abortion started yelling about separation of church and state and what were we thinking standing with those signs??!! Also, this daughter went on and on about just who is going to adopt all of these unwanted babies?! My might have had an abortion and justifies her own through her daughter's abortion. Others were just as openly hostile. One woman yelled at me from her car that women who are raped don't have a choice. I tried to explain but when one is so irrational how can you?? Some walked by and said Freedom of Choice, Keep Your Laws off My Body, I Don't Regret Mine, Keep it Safe and Legal. A man walked by and asked, "Did you kill your baby?" I told him yes. He laughed right in my face. I noticed they did not stop to chat but yelled as they went by. I watched as many people read my sign, looked into my eyes and quickly looked away. There were people that did not know why we were there. They did not have a clue that Obama is proabortion.

Better things were said. We received many God Bless Yous and Keep It Up and I Am So Glad You Are Here!! Warmed my heart. Others actually came and spoke respectfully about why they were proabortion. Imagine that. Getting your point across without screaming and swearing. Huh.

I was interviewed by the Star Tribune and tons of people took our pictures. For what I am not sure. I am wondering if I should be worried about that. :)

I am earnestly in prayer today for those whose hearts are hardened and whose experiences with abortion come out with such hatred and anger. I witnessed much pain on the faces of others. I am honored to pray for their healing.

I am grateful to those that went with me!! Love you!!


kristi noser said...

Way to stand strong in the battle my friend.

erin said...

I am so proud of you. My heart is swelling.

Coffeegirl said...

Ditto...right on the front lines. You are very brave, friend.

LauraLynn said...

I can't even imagine how hard that must have been. Your signs are so visable and easy to read. I am sure you gave many people something to think about. Your courage is so admirable~

Butrfly Garden said...

I somehow missed the post about this new blog, Carla!

You know, I listened to his [opinion deleted] speech on my way back in to town that night. It's funny to think that you were there. :)

Anywho - I can't stand people like the nasty people you encountered. I admit that when I see people protesting, I usually try to ignore them. (Strong admission.) But I can not imagine trying to argue and be hurtful to them. Standing up for what you believe in is what this country is all about!

And in all seriousness, I don't believe that teaching abstinence and outlawing abortion completely will help our women. I just don't. We need education and counseling and we need to teach people about what the consequences will be so there is no NEED for abortions. I've always been very middle-line on my "pro-" stance, but people like them make me want to SCREAM and make me take a harder stance against it. Argue on valid points - not on your selfish opinions.

Anyway, I will be done ranting here. I'm sorry those people said those things to you, Carla. I hope they went home and felt badly for it. But more importantly, I hope you went home feeling very proud of what you endured to let your voice be heard.

You are an amazing woman, Carla! Have a great time in Texas!

Carla said...

Hardly a rant, butrfly. You know I love you!

I do agree that there is not one answer or approach to abortion. There are so many facets and not one reaches ALL people.


I am most concerned with women facing unplanned pregnancies and those that regret their abortions. There is much good work being done right now to help them both.

Glad you found me here, girl. Stop by again!! :)