Saturday, November 15, 2014


24 years since my abortion and my story changes. Changes in how I perceive it and what I want to say about it.

It is something I did. It is not who I am. My abortion does not define me. God defines me.

Now more than anything I want people to know the truth about abortion. I want women and men that are in bondage to the aftermath to find forgiveness and freedom in Christ. From the darkness to the light. I want others to see how God has used my experience to bring glory to Him! He redeems the pain of my past! He restores to me the years that the locusts have eaten! He brings beauty from ashes! I will finally be healed when I meet Him face to face. I will carry the regret for the rest of my days as a consequence of that choice. I will continue to share my experience in whatever way pleases Him.

It is not only my story. It is His.