Monday, November 24, 2008

My Girl

Dearest Aubrey,
You should be here. You should be 18 years old. Driving, working, studying, babysitting your siblings. Laughing with me. Loving me. I picture you with long, brown hair like your sisters and big, blue eyes. On September 5th, 1990 you died. I was distraught even as you grew. I was distraught before the vacuum suctioned your body from mine. I was distraught after. Regret hardly conveys the depth of my emotion. A grief and a sorrow that consumes me at times. I can hardly bear it because I did not fight for your life. Fight to protect you. Fight for your right to live and grow and be. I did not place your life before my desperate thoughts of self-preservation. I was deceived into thinking you were a clump of cells, tissue, you were nothing, you were not even a baby.
I know what I have done. I carry it. I own it. I live with it. I would give anything to go back there though, and tell them all to go to hell, walk out that abortion mill door and embrace your life.
The grief I feel is hardly as big as the love, Aubrey. The love I have for you knows no bounds. The joy I have in knowing that I will see you one day. The hope I feel in telling others about you.
You are my daughter and I will honor your short life in every way that I can, as long as I live.

I love you, Aubrey,

Beyond the Dark Valley

A new television program will begin airing thanks to The Justice Foundation. Read more here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My To Do List

I have been approached to be on the Board of Directors for the River Falls Pregnancy Helpline. They are looking to me to be a voice for women who need abortion recovery. I will gladly step into this new role and look forward to the experience!

I am meeting with my pastor tomorrow to discuss what we could do for Sanctity of Life Sunday, January 18th. I would love to give my testimony of abortion regret to my congregation, which I consider my family. I am praying we can come up with something that speaks to the women that attend that have been hurt by abortion but have not found their voice yet.

Wisconsin City Leaders!!
Eau Claire- Paul Snyder
Milwaukee- Robin Becker
West Bend- Laura Denk
Green Bay-possible

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I recently asked a man from Eau Claire, WI if he would be interested in being the city team leader for Operation Outcry. He has a story of abortion regret to share and I am so thankful that he agreed to be the city leader!! My goal is to recruit city leaders across WI in some of the major cities. Madison, Milwaukee, GreenBay, Lacrosse etc. I also need to do the same for MN. I pray that God raises up His people, in His perfect timing.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Abortion Testimony

You can watch my abortion story of regret.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Gig

Madison was awesome! The student prolife group was very excited to have us come and speak. We met their crew and the four ladies from Operation Outcry spent time in prayer. We spoke for around 30 people and I was glad to see quite a few young men!! Abortion stories of regret were shared and then I spoke about Operation Outcry and the declarations we are collecting from others hurt by abortion. I also gave them information on where to find hope, help and healing in Madison. I took some questions. Interesting. I guess someone was there from the campus paper and someone else from Planned Parenthood. :)
We all talked for quite awhile afterward and I enjoyed the joy and hope in their eyes. God raise up our young people for our good and Your glory!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I leave tomorrow for Madison, WI. Operation Outcry WI was invited to speak by the prolife student group at the U. I am excited to go and share my story of abortion regret. Please pray for safe travel, protection and that hearts will be touched.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


A couple of months ago I received a call from someone concerned about a young girl who found out she was pregnant. She was being pressured to abort her baby. I am happy to report she carried that child and just gave birth not too long ago!!

One Million Voices

The goal of Operation Outcry is one million declarations and women and men into abortion recovery to find hope and healing. I am going to the Barlow Girl concert tonight. Their song Million Voices is our theme song as we gather thousands of declarations to be used in prolife legislation across the US.