Wednesday, January 26, 2011

March for Life 2011 St. Paul, MN

That's me. In the red sweater. Rubbing my nose.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Facing the Truth

The cause of any and every woman’s pain after abortion is that your baby died in your abortion. A child was conceived and you had been pregnant and every mom out there KNOWS this. There is no way to explain away the fact that a woman is pregnant with a growing, fully alive human child when she walks into an abortion clinic and that the life of her child is ended by the time you walk out that door. In fact your child’s body was torn to pieces and then pieced back together to make sure that the “uterine contents” were removed.

When that realization hits that you paid for the death of your innocent, growing child there can be a facing of that truth. Once you face it head on you can find hope and healing. Facing the truth brings you out of denial and the healing can begin.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have righteous anger!! It takes everything I’ve got not to rant when I hear about how “safe” abortion is and how there are no risks or complications or that I am mentally ill for FINALLY realizing my daughter was KILLED in my abortion and I deeply regret it!

I am angry that I was freaking LIED to at the clinic and was so desperate I couldn’t think straight. I am angry that I was yelled at there and treated so rudely. I am angry that I was ever there that day!

I am angry that proaborts want to silence me, ridicule me, and trivialize my experience.

I am angry that my grief is dismissed time and time again as though I am some lunatic grieving a "bunch of cells."

I am angry that telling my abortion story is looked upon as “having an agenda” while a woman saying she has never given a whit about her abortion is just being “honest.”

I am angry that so many that claim to be prolife continue to regard me as a slut who couldn’t keep her legs closed! OR that I should have known better and I got what I paid for!

BUT God continually helps me keep my wits about me and try to communicate even when it falls on deaf ears. He knows my heart. How can I keep silent??!!

Well. I guess THAT was a rant!!