Friday, June 6, 2014

6 Years

After being a moderator on Jill Stanek's blog I decided I to step down.  6 YEARS!! Such an amazing journey I had there! I have met such articulate, genuine, loving people  who have become treasured friends.  I initially started reading in 2007 and started commenting in 2008. Jill asked me to moderate after that.   I wanted to share my experience of being a post abortive mom and shine a light on the REAL tragedy, regret and grief of abortion.  I learned quickly that those that are proabortion do not appreciate putting a face and a name to abortion pain.  Abortion must be encouraged and supported and celebrated!  I received the most amazing education on what some that are proabortion actually believe and think! I also  found some that truly were on the fence and over the years turned to a prolife stance.
I also had the privilege of being contacted by post abortive moms through the blog.  They emailed me and called me and texted me.  I tried to find resources for abortion recovery in their areas and am happy to learn that so many have found healing in Christ!!
Jill has been a mentor/friend for so long and I must admit that it isn't easy to leave what has become a very special place for me. But I know that it isn't really goodbye.  :)

I wrote a blog post for Jill and you will find it here.