Monday, June 30, 2008


The show. Let's talk about the show. I was thrilled to have someone do my makeup. Very fun. Very cool. I was the first interview of this 5th season of Faces of Abortion. It went really well, I thought. It is meant to be a conversation with the host and I, as we talk about my abortion experience. 9 minutes later I heard one of the cameramen say, "We're out!" I was done. I cannot talk about my babies(Aubrey who was aborted, Jamie and Lee lost through miscarriage)without crying. The grieving process continues. I was relieved to be finished and I got to sit back and watch all of the other interviews and see how a tv show is made. Amazing. I must say that I found all of the abortion experiences so hard to bear. I cried through much of the first day. And much of the second day of taping. All of the glory goes to God for His forgiveness and grace, but I have never felt so emotionally drained. I met so many amazing people. I love them all. Each and every single one. When you meet others who share an abortion experience and have found forgiveness in Jesus it is like coming home. We laughed as much as we cried. Of course some of the laughter had to do with my being from Wisconsin and the whole cheese head, Packer thing and an alleged accent. Whatev. :)

I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity to share my story.


Rebecca said...

Any idea on when your interview will air? I checked and I do get that channel. It is so encouraging to read how God is using your story for such an impact.

Carla said...

The new season starts in Sept. I will let you know. :)