Saturday, April 7, 2012


I have never seen the turnout that we had yesterday! 3200 faithful prolifers were there throughout the day praying for the end of abortion, praying for healing and forgiveness after abortion, for the PP supporters that were there and also for the mommies that came for their abortions. One baby and mommy were saved from abortion!!

My daughter Sarah came with me and a also a couple of friends. I had already told Sarah that I would be carrying my sign and people sometimes say stupid things to me. She said she would carry my I Regret My Abortion sign for me. :)

The building is massive. The biggest mill I have ever seen with my own eyes. It made my heart ache just to be there and I felt an immediate heaviness. Walking by those that are proabortion just felt ugly and dark and nasty. I held my sign and so many averted their eyes from mine and continued their chanting. "Pro! Pro! Choice! Choice!" Bleh. I prayed for them in their deception.

My God is bigger than that building. The God I love was watching over us and hearing our prayers. I was so encouraged by the turnout and the fact that I just might be sidewalk counseling out there someday!

My daughter Aubrey would have been 21 years old this month. I Regret My Abortion.


Courtnay said...

When I read that your daughter would carry your sign, I started crying. How incredibly beautiful her heart must be, a real testament to you, you husband and God.


PS--left Facebook again. It's just not a blessing to me in many ways. I want to keep up with you though!

Laura said...

"My God is bigger than that building." AMEN!

Carla said...

Hello Courtnay and Laura!!

Thank you for commenting.

I moderate all comments here and only publish the non troll ones. You made the cut!!

Courtnay I will keep up with you too!