Saturday, April 23, 2011

From a Friend in the Fight

I am the youngest, the smallest
the most innocent

They take me to places that shout
with hot pink
how much they love women
Places that they have legalized
in attempts to make
themselves feel better
About the choices they made
that brought about my life
in the first place

Mom hesitated when she placed the call
but she’ll make the trip anyway
have the procedure
By late tomorrow she’ll be in a daze
and I’ll be dead
Her actions and feelings buried deep
my body dumped

I will live on in those
who recognize my beauty
see themselves in me
Those who fought,
cried, and prayed
for my right to live

Soon they’ll all see my worth
and look back with great shame
on the days
They chose to kill
the youngest, the smallest
the most innocent



Crystal Kelley said...

Beautiful poem and wonderful blog. I found this through Jill Stanek's blog as I was posting a message about her quote of the day. I read some of the messages there, and there was one from you that mentioned Aubry. I wanted to know more about her, so I clicked your name and followed you here. Thank you for all the important work you do. I love your writing style. This blog is a great read.

Carla said...

Hi Crystal!! Welcome!

I am a moderator on Jill's blog and continue to share my story of how my abortion hurt me.

Thank you for reading me!!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Abby Johnson. Sad and beautiful poem. The aborrtion counter too is very affective! :( (I just put it on my own blog.)