Saturday, May 24, 2008

May Update Letter

Thank you so very much for your generosity to me as I began fundraising!! Your gifts have been such a blessing and this letter is to let you know what God is doing through your giving. The goal of $3,500 was achieved – in fact, as of May 24st, you have given a total of $3,645! May God bless you!
Public Testimony at Silent No More - I spoke at the Minnesota State Capital in St. Paul in January with Silent No More. I gave my testimony and stood with others who regret their abortions. It was wonderful to meet so many people who share my pain and walk the path of healing that I am on. There are more opportunities to speak with Silent No More in the future.
Letters to the Editor - In January I sent editorials to newspapers in Hudson, Eau Claire, Stillwater, New Richmond and River Falls telling about Operation Outcry and the goal of one million declarations (testimony) of how abortion hurts women and men. I received 3 very supportive phone calls and a letter telling me to keep it up!
Helping to get MN and ND on board - I volunteered to be the contact person for the state of MN and ND for Operation Outcry. They do not have a state team leader at this point so when a declaration comes into Operation Outcry from MN of ND, I make contact with this person, thanking them for submitting their story and asking if they have received any form of post abortion counseling. I offer resources for them, if they have not. They are placed on our national contact list to receive updates from Operation Outcry.
Healing Retreat - I attended a Rachel's Vineyard Retreat in February, 2008. I went with a friend and we shared our stories of abortion with others that attended. It was an amazing weekend full of laughter and tears and scripture. We walked through many verses together, prayed and sought healing throughout the weekend. The last day of the retreat culminated in a memorial service. We were to write letters to our babies lost through abortion and miscarriage and were given dolls to symbolize our little ones. I stood with friends and read the letters to Aubrey (lost through abortion) Jamie and Lee (miscarriage) and placed the dolls in a basket. Tough stuff but it moved me more than words can say. I continue to think on that weekend as God brought another layer of healing to my soul and equipped me in another way to care for other women.
National Conference and Television Show Taping - I attended Operation Outcry's Dallas Conference in April. I met Norma McCorvey (the Roe of Roe V Wade) and Sandra Cano (the Doe of Doe V Bolton). Their two cases paved the way for unlimited abortion in our country through all 9 months of pregnancy for any reason. They are both Christians now and long to see their cases overturned. I also met Eduardo Verastegui the lead actor in the prolife movie Bella. He spoke at a banquet of the babies that have been saved through the movie Bella. Three hundred of us marched through the streets of Dallas to the Dallas Supreme Court House where the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act was upheld. We celebrated and rallied at a park nearby. I also taped my abortion story for the television show Faces of Abortion. It airs on SkyAngel in Dish Network and Direct TV. I met so many wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ and made many connections to the State Team Leaders in other states.
Pregnancy Helpline - When I got back from Dallas, I met with someone from the River Falls Pregnancy Helpline. I asked if I could be a contact person for those women desiring post abortion healing and recovery and also I would like to serve as a liaison between Faith Community Church and the Pregnancy Helpline. The director is also available to speak with me, should I desire that. The connection has been made and I am overjoyed to be able to help others in the St. Croix County.
Plans and Prayers for the near future
· Continue to write editorials to newspapers in order to keep spreading the word about the declarations. Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee are at the top of the list.
· Start a resource library. There are many excellent resources available for women who regret their abortions. I want to have them on hand when the need arises.
· Offer a healing bible study through Faith Community Church of Hudson in sometime in September.
· Facilitate a local Rachel's Vineyard Retreat. My next step is to go through training.
· Speak at UW Madison in the fall. I have an invitation from a student group.
· I accepted an invitation to do the live show of Faces of Abortion in Texas in June.
· I have a dream to attend the March for Life in Wash. D.C in January, 2009.
· Continue to develop relationships with River Falls Pregnancy Center and churches in St. Croix Valley. I would like to meet with all local area pastors in order share my story, hopes, and dreams.
· Ultimately I would love to open a maternity home right here in Hudson,WI. God has layed that on my heart recently and I am earnestly praying about it.
The donations and prayers continue to come in. You have given me a tremendous opportunity and through your giving many lives are being impacted for the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for heeding God's voice. God Bless You!!


Coffeegirl said...

Wow...I just read this post from top to bottom. I am so proud of you and what you are doing. Great reminder for me to keep praying as you pave the way to healing and truth. You and God are amazing together.

Carla said...

Thank you coffeegirl. I just sent you the same update in the mail. Your very own copy. Sweet.