Tuesday, September 5, 2017


27 years ago today I aborted my first child. 
I will feel what I feel and take the time to let the tears fall and remember that grief is work. I will allow my feelings to lead me to Him. The One who has my daughter Aubrey. The One who KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS and HEALS and RESCUES and REDEEMS and RESTORES. I will put some flowers by the baby stone, read the card that my husband bought for me, pray and journal and cry and pray some more. And I will yet praise Him. In gratitude I will praise Him. For the babies that are alive today because I told my story. For the mommies of those babies who will NEVER know what I know. For the post abortive women that walk this journey with me. For the joy set before me in seeing my precious Aubrey one day.
I am closer to you, Aubrey than I was last year. I love you, Mommy

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