Monday, June 19, 2017

From the Sidewalk

THANK YOU for praying this morning!! I believe almost 50 of you were praying when I asked you to in my facebook post.
I went with my friends Cathy and Jared.
There were 3 couples going into Planned Parenthood when we got there. Brian Gibson tried giving one couple a pamphlet and a security guard tried grabbing it out of Brian's hand. Brian said he would call the police and the guard kept chiding him about that. We stood and prayed.
So many cars in and out. Always Jimmy John's for lunch. Always the Medical Disposal Systems truck to carry away the broken and bloodied bodies of innocent human beings.
There was one woman that was in the passenger side heading into the parking lot who stared at my sign the whole time. I prayed that a seed of doubt was firmly planted in her mind. That she would turn from abortion.
Every time I go God gives me a song. (No I don't sing out loud)Today it was- I believe in God our Father I believe in Christ the Son I believe in the Holy Spirit Our God is three in One I believe in the resurrection That we will rise again For I believe In the Name of Jesus.
Jared pulled out his phone and shared a message with the PP escorts. "Consider what you are doing. Do not support the shedding of innocent blood." So proud of him!! Pray for the escorts.

I was flipped off at least 3 times.  I smiled and waved and prayed for them.  I was once that angry too. 
A man drove up to explain that we were doing it wrong. That our signs were not effective. That a sign should say THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS. WE ARE HERE TO HELP. I told him maybe God was prompting HIM to make that sign and join us.
A woman drove out of the PP driveway with a big smile and a thumbs up. She pulled over and rolled down her window and said, "I CHANGED MY MIND!! IT'S TWINS!!" ohmyheart I ran up to Jared who was still talking to the man who told us we made no difference. "SHE JUST CHOSE LIFE!! SHE IS CARRYING TWINS!!"
The Lord has us on that sidewalk for His reasons. His purposes. He can work through anyone at anytime and He does what pleases Him. And we are obedient. I have been shaking and crying tears of joy and covered in goosebumps that I got to witness a mom CHOOSE LIFE for herself and her precious babies!!
All glory and honor and praise to you Lord!!
Love in Christ,

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