Monday, October 26, 2009

The Event

I denied, your very existence
Buried it, the EVENT deep within
Hid the pain, the hurt, the torment.
Buried me, my worth, my essence
And my body cried.
And I did not understand the tears
The wound was deeply entombed
The pain; A hole in my soul
I sought answers to my despair
A way out of the darkness
I looked deep down inside and excavated
An ending, an aborted life
This was a legal act.
Not moral, not ethical, not JUST
Guilt, shame, a violation.
A death. An ending!
I confronted The Event, the sin
I acknowledged you, Your Life
You existed, child of God
I gave you a name, I mourned your loss
I asked for forgiveness of you, God
I gave you to God
And placed myself in His hands.
He repaired my soul
And granted me peace, mercy
And Wisdom

-Jean Watson-Protano

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