Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Parade Thoughts

I brought a stroller to the parade. It would not be holding a child but maybe a couple bottles of water and some bags of candy. My son Joshua told me that maybe it was supposed to be empty for Aubrey, his sister that was aborted.

Joshua found another 12 year old boy marching with us. The boy told my son that he was there for the candy. Joshua said, "I'm here for my mom."

Next year I would really love to see more Moms and Dads and kiddoes. Also will be looking into blowing up some 4D ultrasounds to carry as banners and maybe CHOOSE LIFE on our tshirts.

I loved seeing all of people that clapped, waved, cheered and hollered for us!!


zcoffeegirl said...

Joshua....I love that comment......

Kara Jo said...

I want to be a part of this next year, dear friend.

And I've finally got this blog on my blog list so I can stay updated!