Monday, September 29, 2008


I met with the Director of the Pregnancy Helpline in River Falls, WI. We had a wonderful talk and I told her about the BellaHero project and handed her a stack of the movie Bella to get her started. We talked about Operation Outcry and how I can help her with abortion recovery at the Helpline. The Stillwater Pregnancy Center is next on my list.

I ordered some resources for those that need them and cross my path. Forgiven and Set Free bible study, I'll Hold You in Heaven, Tilly, Forbidden Grief and some others.

I will be speaking in November at UW-Madison along with others from Operation Outcry. I am very excited about this!!

I have also been very busy as a moderator on Jill Stanek's blog ProLife Pulse. She is the nurse that held a baby until he died due to an induced labor abortion. Jill testified in Illinois for the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. The act was to offer care to infants that survived abortions instead of shelving them to die in soiled utility rooms. The only senator to vote against it 4 times was Barack Obama.

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