Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Holy Cow!

This Wisconsin adventure was called The Holy Cow Project. Tracy from Operation Outcry came up from Texas and several other brave women came from other states to be filmed for the show Faces of Abortion. I was there to offer support and encouragement as the WI State Team Leader. I also got to sit in a chair by the camera so my ladies told their stories to me and not the camera. Oh, and I got to do that cool countdown thing! 5,4,3,2, out loud and 1 silently and point!! I have always wanted to do that!They told their abortion stories for the In Her Own Words segment of the show. There was a lot of praying, crying and laughing. These stories are hard to bear in the stark reality of abortion but there is always rejoicing to see what God has done in the lives of His daughters! The cameraman started to sob at one point because he was so moved. We surrounded him to pray and offer hugs. The segments turned out AWESOME and we blew off steam at a restaurant. 5 hours in the car with 80''s tune and The Best of Sade and I am home!!

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